The chapter opens with a description of the island’s changes throughout the day and the boys’ responses to how life is on the island. Then the chapter focuses on the ‘littluns’ subculture and three of the littluns interacting as they play with one of their sandcastles. Jack groups the hunters to show his new hunting […]

Is technology destroying the English language? As a fifteen year old teenager from South-East London, I’ve grown up around the development of the Internet as well as the development of the use of slang. The Internet over the years has improved its networking such as social media, with websites and a variety of applications that […]

Slang is a type of language which mainly involves the sorten of words when talking or writing and words used to replace other words for an eaiser understanding. Although slang is commenly used mainly people from a working class area or family use slang. In my opinion slang is used in a way which people […]

Task Two) In the picture i can see a man and woman looking very sad and gloomy whilst they are both looking down upon a suitcase. The image shows how they both are feeling as it is overcast, because the background is dull, dim and dusky the people in the picture standout making them center […]

Task One) A)I agree with thee points made in this article as authors of the book should get paid for what they had written. Books are a source of entertainment and are equal to TV’s and gaming consoles. Instead of people getting books for free they should buy it so the writer gets paid for […]

Is it fair that teenagers be classed as slobs? I think that it is not right for the media to class all teenagers as lazy slobs. This is because most youngsters are very active, whether it’s to do with something like sports or even just their social life. For the media to say something like […]